Gashumba is jealous of me, says singer Rickman

Singer Derrick Ddungu widely known by his stage name Rickman Manrick has lashed out at Muhoozi project team PR strategist also father inlaw Frank Gashumba over a leaked audio in which he labels the artiste a ‘dependant parasite’ siphoning from the hard earned money of his flamboyant socialite daughter Sheillah Carol Gashumba.

In an audio that engulfed social media platforms on Wednesday night, an embittered Frank Gashumba who was addressing a colleague expressed his sincere dismay at his only known daughter who he said he has spent a huge portion of his fortune to see that she achieves in life.

“One day they found me at a restaurant in Nsambya, he was with that rascal and his father, his ears and nose were pierced, with hair that looked like Kony’s [Joseph Kony is the founder of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA)]. You bring such people to me, Gashumba?

Even if I’m dead,” Gashumba says in the audio, adding that the same ‘rascal has reaped a fortune from his daughter.’ Ekyooto corps understand that Sheila Gashumba could have gifted her lovebird Rickman a ride, a thing that has not gone well with the Dad, Frank Gashumba.

Rickman reacts

“I have no money… I’m a broke man. I’m like you, you’re broke and I’m also broke. So, if a woman buys me a shoe that’s not bad,” Manrick said while speaking to newsmen.

“I’m surviving on my rich woman… if there is anyone that’s hurt, come and take it from me. My woman is rich; it’s not bad to have a rich girlfriend… she is great, she is the best, and she is great, there is nothing you can tell me… she has everything… there is nothing you can take away from her,” he added.


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