My Husband suggested that we should be more stable financially before we make Babies & l agreed with him.
6yrs down the line,l started complaining to him that it’s high time we welcome our Babies. He said just a little patience, so instead of arguing with him, l stopped using my pills.
Along the line, he noticed & complained bitterly that l want to destroyed his long time plan for us. He said the money in the joint account is for our Babies, that we will soon get to his target.
Few weeks after,on my way from the office, l visited my In-laws to give them some foodstuffs, on my way out, my husband’s younger Sister decided to see me off to the car & told me that we needed to talk but not here & l must not tell her Brother.
What my Sister in-law told me, was like a movie to me, that my husband has three Children with his Childhood lover & they are relocating out of the Country soon. She said she was so sorry that she can’t hide it anymore because of my Kindness towards the family.
After hearing everything, l prayed for d.eath but it never came. I decided to take a day off from work, to search the house, if l can get any documents to confirm what she told me.
My People, it is true, l found all the documents l needed in the store not in our room…..😭🙆🙆Oh my God!
I took all of it, international passports with visas, even money (My money). Now, he is looking for it & he can’t ask me.
At this stage, l am tired, l don’t even know what to do next 😭😭😭😭


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