Here’s The Mysterious Truck Along Kireka-Namugongo Road That Talks And Refused To Be Moved After The Death Of Its Owner Who Died On A Boat Cruise.

A low bed hauler that has been parked at Shell Kyaliwajjala on the Kireka-Namugongo road, Kampala has become a legendary landmark. Everyone knows or has heard about the Mercedes Benz white car carrier with red and blue paintings on its hauler.

It is the truck that will not move an inch from whence it has been parked for more than four years now. It is the truck that speaks and threatens anyone who loiters around it. It is the truck whose side mirrors will move and slap you if you had any ill intention against it.

A legend in its own right, the abandoned truck is animatedly spoken about as far as Bugembe Town in Jinja City where a trucker was “surer than even my own existence” that only the owner can remove it.Mysterious Truck in Kampala reportedly ‘refused’ to move after demise of its owner, Risk or Leave it

In Africa, we look at spirituality in different ways. To many, when the spirit talks then it’s true there’s a decryption key somewhere. However when it refuses, it can cost those around a fortune.

What started as a ‘Boda boda’ rumor is now seemingly turning out to be true about the abandoned truck in Kampala, areas of Namugongo that has refused to move after the death of its owner.

According to people living around the area, whoever who has tried removing it from where it was parked faces the iron hand of literary the hand of its fallen owner.

The reason why the brand-new truck by the time of its parking 2 and a half years ago, the place where it was parked, and the possible owner all remain mystery amidst different stories from the locals around.

According to a one local says that the owner of the stranded car loader truck on Namugongo road died in the infamous boat cruise incident that claimed tens of partiers in November 2019 at Mutima beach. Since then, the car stopped working and can’t move from the place where it was parked.

Eye witnesses affirm that many breakdown cars have been brought to pull it, but they all fail engine and stop working.

There is another story that whoever tries to remove it dies, last person was a police officer, who thought removing coz the president was in the area. Reports say that he died plus the guy who stole the battery from it, got crushed before reaching Kisekka along Nakawa by a trailer and he also died on spot.

The car is parked at the former Kindergarten that was turned into a hospital. Boda rumor also affirm that on some nights there is someone driving it , as it turns on lights mysteriously.

Despite all these attempts getting sowed on barren grounds, it is believed that the owner left in his will that it will only be his young son to drive it from the spot. And according to the Ugandan Laws that allow a person to attain a driving permit only when he has turned 18, there are still many years to come for this moment to happen as he is only 7 years of now.
It’s said that he will also be the only one to develop the land where it was parked and this is the same land where the owner was burried.


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