Kataleya & Kandle Reveal Why Music Promoters Disrespect Them

Girl singing duo Kataleya & Kandle, have come out to reveal why music promoters disrespect them. The pair while appearing on Galaxy FM said that this all owes to the fact that they are just starting. These promoters also think that they are desperate.

The Do Me singers added that these promoters always tell them that they are giving them a platform. However, the same promoters forget the effort put in by these singers to reach where they are.

“Promoters disrespect us because we’ve just started doing music, they think we are desperate. They have a code they use of “we are giving you a platform”, forgetting what you put in to reach where you’ve reached,” said the duo.

The entertainment industry world over is one said to be having untold levels of exploitation. And for the women, it’s worse as these are taken advantage of even sexually.

From media personalities, producers, fellow artists to other stakeholders, these are usually exploited. Just with the promise of pushing their careers to their next big step.

With the desperacy to succeed, these young naive girls usually give in so quickly. However, most of them have watched their careers flow to the trash.

Many rumored female artistes who have had affairs with those promoting their music have failed to make it. Just like how they say, patience pays but pains.

In Uganda, sexual exploitation is a topic that is not widely talked about in the entertainment industry. Besides, there are no proper avenues to address it as the perpetrators always get away with it.

Meanwhile promoters have recently been clashing with musicians on the fares to perform.


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