Entebbe Authorities Removes Rainbow Colors From Children Play Area Over Homosexuality Accusations.

The Entebbe Municipality Council has removed rainbow colors from a recently refurbished children play area over concerns of homosexuality from the public.

This was revealed in a statement released yesterday by the Municipality stating that the move followed concerns from the public who cited “certain movements” using the colors to reflect and represent acts that go against the norms of the people of Uganda.

Entebbe Children Park

In a bid to refurbish the children’s park in Entebbe and create a safe environment for our children to play, Entebbe Municipality partnered with an organisation (Lions Club) to renovate the park to a safe and colourful environment for our children and rainbow was painted on one of the structures by the organisation,” the statement read in part.

It further read: “The Lions Club is a group of patriotic Ugandans who sought to give back to the community through creating a beautiful play area for children. The children of Uganda have for years understood rainbow colours as a beautiful arch of colours and it reflects the majesty of God. It is unfortunate that certain movements are now using the colours to reflect and represent acts that go against the norms of the people of Uganda.”

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Thomas Tayebwa, recently raised concerns in Parliament of the ever-increasing cases of homosexuality in schools.

These schools are now recruitment centres. Some of these children and their parents are dying in silence. We need the Committee on Education to look into this matter and we find solutions. This cannot go on like this. Some of the boys in a certain school fear moving in the night for fear of being sodomised,” he said.


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