Bettinah Tianah Takes Kikoyi to Buckingham Palace

Bettinah Tianah isn’t one to shy away from a jaw-dropping fashion moment and for her latest fashion, serve the style star and Tv personality takes Ugandan fashion across the pond to meet the UK royals.

Posing in a gorgeous ‘Kikoyi’ dress by PiaRoyale.Ug, Bettinah is seen standing outside the gate of Buckingham palace being as regal as ever in her one-of-a-kind custom kikoyi dress.

Bettinah Captioned the images posted on Instagram saying:

“It gives me joy seeing various Ugandans now even more embrace the “Kikoyi” fabric & are incorporating it in their day today style in a contemporary way.

My fave experience with this prestigious Buganda fabric, was when a designer I worked with closely back in 2019, told me she was to design some attires for a group of ladies who were attending a party at the Uganda Parliament & the theme fabric for the event was kikoyi, my photos shot in New York City wearing that yellow chiffon dress, with a touch of kikoyi, were their inspiration for what they were looking for. Now that’s how you promote your culture. Ladies & gentleman this is what I wore to the Buckingham Palace.”


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