Please Speak For Yourself and not drag fellow musicians into your battles– Ykee Benda Tells Big Eye Over Eddy Kenzo’s Grammy Award Loss

Mpaka Records boss Wycliffe Tugume aka Ykee Benda, has told fellow singer Big Eye to speak for himself and not drag fellow musicians into his battles. This was after Big Eye said that Eddy Kenzo’s Grammy award loss was well deserved. According to Big Eye, the Weekend singer is a very selfish person. He’s kept all the connections and contacts of international people to himself for 9 years.

The Sula Indicator singer, therefore, feels if it was him or any other musician, Uganda would have lots of international accolades. However, according to Ykee Benda, the Big Music boss should check himself.

The Singa singer revealed that personally, Kenzo has ever shared these contacts with him.

“BigEye speak for yourself bro… Maybe Eddy didn’t share with you and that’s between you and him (wekebele blood). I for one can say I have gotten a few connections from Eddy and I thank him for his good heart. Eddy is proud of you bro. Nasaako Omukono : Mpaka Boss,” said Ykee Benda.

Big Eye has however faced a lot of backlash from several Ugandans. Not that everyone who criticized him actually wanted Kenzo to win, they just wondered why of all artists, it was Big Eye moaning.

Many wondered which songs Big Eye really wanted to forward there. This is because all his songs are just mediocre and half-baked according to these social media users. Moreover, him and Kenzo seemed to be good friends.

Asides from having been friends at the start of their careers, Big Eye sang at Kenzo’s recent festival. He was also by the side of Kenzo when he lost his brother last year. It’s therefore not clear yet what triggered him to such an extent.


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