KATONDA BWATYO BWASASULA -Gravitty Omutujju Pokes Jose Chameleone After Ggwanga Mujje Concert Sabotage

Singer Gereson Wabuyi alias Gravitty Omutujju has publicly mocked Jose Chameleone in light of the latter’s concert sabotage. Earlier today, Jose Chameleone’s Ggwanga Mujje concert was called off following the heavy downpour that left the concert stage in shambles.

This prompted Chameleone and the concert organizing committee to reschedule the event to 24th February 2023. Unlike Gravitty Omutujju, the development saw Chameleone’s co-stars express their profound sympathy for the unforeseen tragedy.

In a statement on his social media accounts that appeared to be addressed to his rival Jose Chameleone, Gravitty revealed that his God works and that is how he pays.


It should be remembered that Gravitty relationship with Jose Chameleone went south, following the latter’s failure to support him during his concluded Tusimbudde concert.



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