Video of a Young Boy Being Disowned by His Supposed Family on Camera Causes a Stir Online

A video clip of a young boy identified as James being disowned by his supposed family has caused a stir online. On Thursday 9th February 2023, a video clip portraying James being disowned by his supposed family made rounds on social media.

In light of Jame’s alleged father’s passing, his mother reportedly introduced him to the late man’s relatives, claiming to have sired him with the deceased.

James was embraced by the family and designated as the purported father’s heir. However, years later, a certain man stormed James’s custodians, claiming to be his paternal father.

The family immediately called for a meeting, under the supervision of the Uganda Police, and the issue was addressed.

They agreed to conduct a DNA test, and James’s mother preferred the procedure to be conducted in the USA on the grounds she didn’t trust Uganda’s results.

Unfortunately, the findings came back unfavorable to her, and she argued that they should attempt conducting the DNA test in Uganda, but this didn’t save her either because the results indicated that the boy doesn’t belong to the family.

Due to this, the family decided to carry out the usual rites in front of the media, during which James was deprived of his heirloom rights and sent him with his mother away from their home.

However, internet users have condemned the family’s action of filming the youngster and making the footage available to the public, arguing that this was inappropriate.

Others, on the other hand, have maintained that this will serve as an example to women who vehemently fail to be loyal to their husbands.


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