Ziza Bafana Steps In To Help The Family Of Late Henry Nsamba To Bring Spice Diana And Manager To Book

It should be recalled that Spice Diana last year was involved in an unfortunate mix of events. This is after a man known as Henry Nsamba died at her premises.

Different conspiracy theories came out in regards to Nsamba’s death. Some sources stated that he had jumped the perimeter wall and was lynched after being mistaken for a thug. However, some stated that he was murdered because it wasn’t the first time coming to the singer’s home.

A number of people at the Siri Regular singer’s home were sent behind bars. They however later got released after the intervention of manager Roger. This case somehow somewhere disappeared off everyone’s lips. It however doesn’t seem the same for the family as they seem bent on getting justice.

This family therefore has now teamed up with Bafana who was at one time Roger’s tight friend.

Source Management under Roger and Spice Diana haven’t been in good terms with the Pomini singer. Bafana therefore said that people shouldn’t mistake his help as a battle. It’s rather a struggle for justice of the bereaved.

“I dont want people to mistake this help I’m rendering as a battle. It’s just in the search for justice. Why shouldn’t a family seek for justice especially when they feel there was foul play in the death of their loved one. I’m therefore ready to help them as far as I can,” said Ziza Bafana.

The lead family member revealed that their relative was murdered. He narrated that Manager Roger showed him a video of Nsamba being strangled to death inside the singer’s home. It’s therefore shocking that Roger can’t avail this video to the public or the CCTV footage in their home.

Besides, this man also said yhat Roger bribed him with Shs 1m to stop talking about him. He wondered why Roger doesn’t want to be talked about especially if he claims to be innocent.

On top of that this man said that he recorded all the conversation he had with Roger in that particular meeting. When the time comes, Roger will be put under the spotlight to address his words in this recording.

Apparently this man also kept part of the money Roger tried to bribe him with as evidence.

It seems like 2023 has already started taking Spice Diana on a dark path. This is because she’s getting in controversies and negative publicity over and over.


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