Pastor Martin Ssempa agugumbudde Pastor Irene Manjeri olwo kweyelusa

Makerere Community Church lead pastor, Martin Ssempa, has decided to go bare knuckles and hard on a fellow pastor, Irene Manjeri. Taking to his Twitter page, Ssempa posted a photo of Manjeri. And since he’s known for being vocal, Ssempa wondered how he’s going to tell his friend that bleaching is harmful.

The charismatic pastor also wondered how he would tell Manjeri that being black is absolutely beautiful. “But how can I tell my pastor friend that skin bleaching is harmful? That black is Also beautiful?,” Ssempa asked his followers.

Manjeri who is the lead pastor of Bethel Healing Ministries is one of those testaments that bleaching indeed exists. The pastor however has over time denied bleaching maintaining that she’s naturally brown.

However natural ‘brownness’ can be differentiated from a bleacher. And clearly, the pastor doesn’t look like one who was born that way. Her facial skin can be seen wearing out with red patches around eyes that are a result of skin corrosives.

Either way, who are we to dispute her ‘facts’ if she claims to have been born that what. Pastor Manjeri is one of those pastors who has a controversial aura around her.

Despite speaking good English, the pastor claims not to have gone to school. She rather went to heaven where she met God who gave her the duty of administering the gospel.

This was where she got the English as God knew that she needed it to carry out the role he had given her. Therefore Pastor Ssempa might have to appeal to God directly to have his message across.


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