Totumanyiira Genda olye emotoka yo – Fans Go Harder On Nince Henry After Crying For Help

Fans are not about to play games with singer and songwriter Nince Henry as he sought for financial help of food. They called him out saying he should go and eat his car if he is lacking food rather than begging fans and well-wishers on social media.

Fans said this after the ‘Killer portion’ hitmaker yesterday stormed the internet. He wrote an emotional appeal requesting for help. The talented singer told fans that he has been going through a lot for the past two weeks. He has tried to reach out to fellow musicians but they haven’t helped.

He even said he has been starving in his house for two days without anything to eat. And no one is even trying to help. Nince Henry revealed that his resolution at the moment is to sell off his car. This is so that he can get food and other needs to keep his life moving on as usual.

However, fans were not able to sympathize with him or even help him. They rather called him saying last week he bought a table at ‘Gwanga Mujje’ concert which was postponed. Now Nince Henry is being told to eat his car after extravagantly spending money and now seeking for food to eat.

“Nince Henry bought a VIP table at Gwanga Mujje Concert and now he is hungry? 😏 Let him eat his car,” A fan posted It should be noted that so many artistes go through such problems but with their image, they fear to ask for help.


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