‘KASASIRO’ – When Frank Gashumba was told Rickman is about to marry Sheilah

Frank Gashumba is disgusted by the thought of his daughter, Sheilah, getting married to her boyfriend Rickman Manrick, Gashumba, who was attending a Miss Uganda event, was told: “They told us that your beloved daughter is getting married to Rickman soon.”

Before the interviewer could complete the question, Gashumba said: “Nonsense. Nonsense. Rubbish.” Gashumba has previously said that he doesn’t approve of his daughter’s relationship with the singer, so this didn’t come off as a surprise.

Meanwhile, Gashumba said he was impressed by some of the causes Miss Uganda contestants are rooting for The 2023 Miss Uganda grand finale will be held on March 17 at the Kampala Serena Hotel.

Chameleone kissing Weasel

Meanwhile, he said that Ugandans should give singer Jose Chameleone a second chance since he apologised for kissing Weasel.

“Chameleone kissing Weasel was a very bad thing. But Chameleone came out and apologised. That’s enough,” he said. “When they do it again, we shall throw them in the deepest lake. Let’s give him a second chance.”

In his apology, Chameleone said he did it out of excitement but he regretted the act. However, it wasn’t the first time he was doing it. “I sincerely apologise. It was just too much energy, excitement. I actually regret it,” Chameleone said.

“The energy was so high, and it was just a wrong way to share it with Weasel, my brother, and I also apologise on behalf of him. Thank you so much for accepting my apologies.”

Gashumba also noted that Chameleone is the best musician in the country. “He has some weaknesses, but he is Uganda’s number one,” he said.

Chameleone kissed Weasel during the Gwanga Mujje concert that was held on February 24 at Lugogo Cricket Oval.


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