Gwe BOBI WINE siimako, Nze ne Chameleone TWakuyamba nyo naye tosiima -Bebe Cool tells Bobi Wine

Bebe Cool said he and Jose Chameleone opened doors for Bobi Wine into the music industry, so he was disappointed in Wine for acting like a ‘manchild’ prior to Chameleone’s concert.

According to Cool, he and Chameleone did most of the dirty work, so by the time Wine started, the path had been cleared.

“That Bobi Wine, we helped him, in music. Because we were the biggest. It’s us who went to Kenya and [did the dirty work]. And you can’t be ashamed of yourself to say, for Gwanga Mujje, let me call people.

He is still in this youngish business of they don’t support me,” Cool said while speaking to the media at Chameleone’s concert dubbed Gwanga Mujje which was held last Friday at Lugogo Cricket Oval in Kampala.

He added: “Joseph deserved support from all corners. Joseph is not that a bad person. Every person has a bad side, they need to just study him and know that that’s Chameleone’s character.”

Cool, Wine and Chameleone have always had differences and competed against each other, but things escalated when they started participating in politics.

Cool has been unequivocal about his support for President Yoweri Museveni. Wine is now also a political leader. Chameleone is just a chameleon. Always changing sides.

In the 2021 elections, he had plans of running on the NUP ticket as mayor, but then he changed to DP. Then recently he was seen rubbing shoulders with President Museveni and other senior leaders in the NRM.

Meanwhile, Cool said he is also planning a concert but he won’t be interested in anyone promoting it.

“Chameleone’s [concert is now done]. There is no artiste here who can do what Chameleone did today. But to seal the gap, wait for Bebe Cool. And for me, I don’t need a drop,” he said.

Cool joined the music industry ahead of both Chameleone and Wine.



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