OKUSWAALA! Winnie Nwagi agudde enume yekigwo ngali ku stage

Swangz Avenue Artiste Winnie Nwagi has done it again after falling off stage while performing live, In Uganda, stages are not strongly built and so many artistes have fallen victims to the fake stages.

Last year, Gravity Omutujju and his dancer fell down although none of them was that much hurt or got injuries, Kabako also fell off stage while performing and the reason the promoter gave was that he is just energetic.

Winnie Nwagi who is also a soft dancer has fallen victim to the fake stages with her high heels on,

In the video making rounds on social media, Winnie Nwagi looked to have hurt herself with the fall.

Her management hasn’t come out to say anything about the incident but once they do we shall keep you updated.

Here is the video:


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