Omuyimbi Buchaman ayagala Government tongoze okunywa Enjaga

Former Firebase vice president Mark Bugembe more known as Buchaman has appealed to the government to make legal the use of Cannabis. Buchaman, a known user of the drug said that this is a cure for many diseases. It’s a shame that the authorities don’t encourage or make known the benefits of using marijuana.

For Buchaman illnesses like malaria among others are not a thing of his. In fact the only disease that can tamper with his health is poverty.

He therefore wants government to link the ganja farmers to National Drug Authority. These can then start supplying their plants to local medicine makers. With this, diseases in Uganda will be a thing of the past.

Furthermore, Buchaman also applauded upcoming singer Planet Omutume for his Chai we njayi song. According to the Temumatira singer, Planet revived the long gone spirit of using the herb in tea.

The self-styled ghetto president went ahead to reveal that the reign of Kabaka Mwanga has been revived, Despite it being that Kabaka Mutebi is the reigning Buganda king, Mwanga is the ruler. This is because it’s the things that he fought for and had been banned that have been revived.

He said that Mwanga was also a rastafarian that used to tie a turban on his head.

“I want to applaud that boy Planet Omutume for the Chai we Njayi song. It was a great song that revived the spirit of using ganja. Besides we are in the Kabaka Mwanga era. Whatever he fought for is now being revived. He was also a rasta. Meanwhile I call upon the government to legalize the herb because it’s medicine,” said Buchaman.

Despite marijuana having a lot of medical advantages, it’s highly unlikely that the government will legalize it. Just like any other medicine, it has its own problems such as addiction.

Buchaman meanwhile already sad that once the government legalizes it, he’s ready to be the supplier. This makes it appear like the musician has a very big farm of the herbs.


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