Abalongo ba Nabageleka Jade Nakato ne Jasmine Babirye Kabaka siyabazaala – EBIPYA BIZUUSE

Mr Abdul Malik Migadde the Kasujju Lubinga of Buganda and the twins referenced in the Nabagereka’s memoir The mystery surrounding the Buganda Royal family is growing deeper with fresh questions sprouting about his supposed unknown children.

Following the shocking revelation by the Queen (Nnaabagereka) about a set of twins she had back in 2010, questions started emerging about how the two girls were kept secret from the public for over 12 years.

In her new memoir set to be released next week, the Nnaabagereka says she was “blessed with two more girls Jade Nakato and Jasmine Babirye born in Kampala.”

“They’re two amazing kids who are mostly happy and are passionate about people which, at their age, I find astounding…” she writes.

However, in a new twist this Friday morning, Mr Abdul Malik Migadde, the Kasujju Lubinga of Buganda Kingdom issued a statement clarifying that Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi has not sired any twins.

The Kasujju Lubinga is one of the kingdom elders and the chief caretaker of the King’s children.

Also known as the “Princes’ keeper” from the Lugave clan, he wields semi autonomous powers and is actively involved in the raising of the King’s children.

In his statement, Migadde explained that the Kabaka has not had twins and that no twin rituals have been conducted in the palace.

“If the Kabaka had twins, like any other Muganda there are well known rituals that have to be done. No such rituals have happen so far,” he said.

Kasujju Lubinga says he came out with the statement after being approached by several kingdom elders and clan heads who were baffled by the news of the twins in the media.

He explained however, that the twins referenced in the book could be part of the children relatives of either the king or the queen being raised in the palace.

“Historically and traditionally, the king and his wive(s) can raise children both related or unrelated to them in the palace. These children call the king their father but unlike the princes and princesses, they don’t call him their “Mugema” he said.

“These children don’t undergo any rituals concerning the King’s children and they don’t get introduced to the kingdom. Right now, there are more than one such children in the palace.”

As such, according to the Kasujju Lubinga, the last known Buganda king who had twins was Daudi Chwa, who had twins Kalemera and Kiggala in 1925.


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