Suzan Makula speaks Out on Bewitching Pastor Bugingo

Suzan Makula Nantaba, fiancée to controversial city Man of God, Aloysius Bugingo has finally commented on allegations that she bewitched the man of God.

Suzan stressed that people should stop thinking that she bewitched Bugingo because of the things he does for her, The 36-year-old maintained that what ever Bugingo does for her, he does it out of love but not witchcraft.

she went on to narrate a day pastor Bugingo helped her to get pick food during an event.

There is a time my man helped me get food at a function, and I was just seated and relaxed like a boss. And they said I bewitched him, that’s love. It’s not witchcraft.

A man who loves you and understands you… he saw that I was wearing mushanana, so it would be hard for me to carry food. But he was wearing a suit, so he could lift the food tray,” she said

“People who don’t understand the language of love, and if you had ever performed witchcraft and got results, you’ll think such experiences are a result of witchcraft. It’s not witchcraft, my friend. It’s love.” She added.


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