What you really don’t know about mama Maya Eddy Kenzo’s Ex Mama Maya

But what’s up with Mama Maya? One of social media in-laws has taken it to Facebook and poured her feelings out. Her post is worth sharing and we had to to just that!

I really don’t know about mama Maya Eddy Kenzo’s Ex but whenever I look at her pics I love her so much, kubanga mukazi akuma ebyama ever since they broke up  I’ve never had any rumors from her about their relationship,what a woman oba whats her name kuba Bambi she is such a unique woman.

Many women especially those with celebs cant just keep shut but beyolesa mu camera so that maybe they can get a share of some musician’s money but this girl, she is what is described as a true African woman.

Look at it this way, Eddy Kenzo has the money that many girls would try to do anything in their power to get given the chance they father the artists baby but for her, money is not what she looks for from Kenzo but love.

I wish all women would try to take her example and keep relationships secrets just like mama maya.

Rumors have been making rounds for the past years, indicating how Big Talent boss Eddy Kenzo is having stolen moments with ex-girlfriend Tracy Nabatanzi.

Sources further revealed that Kenzo started camping at mama Maya Musuuza’s home as a way to find solace ever since he was dumped by fellow singer Rema Namakula. However while in a conversation with our highly placed sources about the rumors, the Tweyagale singer was quick to trash the allegations.

Now to all those who were spreading false information about the two ex-lovers, the dust has been settled. It should be recalled that Eddy Kenzo parted ways with Nabatanzi several years ago and it is also reported that she got hooked to another lover and gave birth to another child.




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