“NKIDAMU: Bobi Wine tulage side joogwa kunsonga y’ebisiyaga mu Uganda” Pr Aloysious Bugingo azeemu okulumba Bobi Wine

House of Prayer Ministries International pastor Aloysious Bugingo has again called out to National Unity Platform (NUP) president and musician Bobi Wine to Condemn homosexuality like President Museveni did.

Homosexuality is something that African countries don’t allow due to culture and religion. However, people are deciding to engage in the act although they know it is illegal.

For Uganda, President Museveni even signed the Anti-homosexuality bill saying he will never allow it in Uganda if he is still the president.

Recently, homoesexual acts have been increasing especially in the school going children in single sex schools. Some parents have complained about it but they haven’t been helped by anyone.

Mind blowing videos of young boys who have been lured in the act seeking for help have been posted on social media but still no much help has been offered to them, As the president and other politicians are condemning it, Bobi Wine seems quiet.

As person who has always spoken about bad things going on in Uganda, Pastor Bugingo is unhappy with Bobi Wine’s silence this time around.

According to him, Bobi Wine has so many supporters and followers, therefore he should come out and say something about this so-called vice. That’s of course if he is a true leader like he usually claims.

“I want Bobi wine to come out like Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and condemn the act of homosexuality. All Political and Religious leaders should stand firm on this matter,”he said.


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