Ebibe tebyala Kemi Sera gakaabagakomba anti omusajja gwe yaba ku Mary Bata naye bamumubyeko

A popular saying says that karma is a b!tch because what you do to others can be done to you too, Well it seems to be the case with band music singer Kemi Sera.

Word reaching in indicates that her man was stolen, This is the same man that she stole from her best friend and fellow singer, Mary Bata.

Just like how a common Luganda proverb goes that ‘Ebibbe Tebyala’ so did they for Kemi Sera, The Akagato singer last year all appeared lovey dovey with this stolen man from her friend.

She used to lavish him with praise and love and even didn’t want him talking to the media, At one point she was asked whether she stole him.

Kemi Sera lost her cool and insulted the news reporters who had asked this question, Meanwhile at the time she was pregnant with this man’s child.

Kemi who was Mary Bata’s BFF didn’t appear in any more photos or videos with her again, It should be recalled that Kemi was at one time married to Cream Productions Band owner and singer Hajj Haruna Mubiru but the marriage didn’t work at all.

Kemi Sera was saved from the abyss and depression by Mary Bata, The Salute singer took over Kemi and rehabilitated her and took care of her and was like a sister to her, She however repaid her by snatching her man.


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