Only The Government Can Stop My Concert – Pallaso Hits Out At Promoters

Musician Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso has reignited his war with local events promoters by saying that it’s only the government that can stop his upcoming concert, It should be recalled that these bivulu promoters recently passed a decree.

They barred anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their association from holding a show. However, Pallaso has said that it’s only his mother, kids and the government he owes anything on that day. And for the government, it’s the taxes needed and he will make sure to pay them.

The Malamu singer called upon the government to come out and clarify on this issue of promoters who are trying to foil the industry.

According to Pallaso, promoters and DJs in Uganda have the same problem. They fail to know that they are partners with musicians. All they do is try to disrupt musicians.

The singer added that this might work in the short run for these promoters and DJs but it affects them in the long run. Furthermore, the singer added that promoters should stop trying to dictate how musicians should perform their music.

This is because none of these knows the struggles they go through to get to the top. They only come out at the finish line and want to dictate how musicians should be rewarded. And yet this should be done by the public only.

The singer also reiterated that his concert will go on uninterrupted on the 9th of June. He also challenged these promoters to organize their own show minus a musician and see how many people they pull.


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