“The song is an absolute shambles and it’s not worth the wait” Isma Olaxess Trashes Bobi Wine’s New Nalumansi Song

Social media blogger and music analyst Isma Olaxess has trashed singer and politician Bobi Wine’s new song titled Nalumansi. Bobi Wine released this song this week and it has been met with widespread different reactions.

Despite the song doing well and racking up numbers online, some feel it’s not worth the wait, It should be recalled that the self-styled ghetto gladiator last released a song a couple of months ago. Therefore, his next tune was expected to be a monstrous hit but it seems not to have satisfied the expectations.

Isma is among those who were disappointed with what Bobi Wine served after long cooking.

According to Isma, Bobi Wine should shift from his perennial producer, Dan Magic. This is because Dan Magic has the same beat and Bobi Wine’s songs now sound monotonous. Isma further said that Bobi Wine misses being on stage and in music.

Although he’s a major face in the political arena, music is his true field. He, however, came back to it when he’s rusty according to Isma.

“The song is an absolute shambles and it’s not worth the wait. Listening to it is like one is listening to Carolina, Kyarenga and other songs. Bobi Wine has to shift from Dan Magic to new good young producers. But because it’s free of charge with Dan Magic, he prefers him. He misses the stage and seeing Chameleone and Bebe Cool at the Gwanga Mujje concert might have invoked memories in him. However, he’s come back with a rusty touch,” Isma said.

It’s not Isma with such a sentiment but there are others who don’t rate the song. Bobi Wine’s fans, however, have been clashing and crashing whoever trashes the song.

Meanwhile, Isma doesn’t understand why Bobi Wine decided to use parables in this song. This shows that he also became a coward. And he who was once a lion is now a rabbit from Magere.

Further, Isma said that Bobi Wine should be speaking with authority.


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