“Please men, learn to speak the truth, instead of cheating” – Precious Remmie To Men

Media personality and actress Precious Remmie real name Rehema Nakiito, has asked men to learn to speak the truth instead of cheating.

She made this statement following the incidents that happened to her last month February 2023. She was a single mother of one but in 2021 she met the “love of her life” Bindeeba Raymond who resides in the US.

The two dated for three months and decided to make it official for everyone to know. However, in reality, three months is little time to know someone to the extent of committing yourself to them in terms of marriage.

From the beginning of their marriage, a lot of Bindeeba’s hidden past was brought to the present by people that knew him.

His ex-baby mama also came out accusing him of neglecting their daughter for more than 10 years yet he has the money to be able to look after him.

Despite all this, Precious Remmie didn’t give up on her new husband. She kept defending him and attacking those that attacked him.

One year into the marriage, she was surprised when news broke through the internet that Bindeeba had sired another child.

People had a lot to say but Precious Remmie kept her cool. She said men should believe whatever they want because she has nothing to say.

Although Remmie said she is still married to Bindeeba, she is busy nailing men that cheat on their wives. She says they should learn to speak the truth.

“Please men, learn to speak the truth, instead of cheating on a woman and breaking their hearts, tell them you don’t want them. They will either stay or look for a better person,” Precious Remmie said.


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