Pastor Aidah Nakasujja says she died on November 16, 2006, went to heaven, and returned to earth. Below is her story:

“I died in 2006 and went to heaven and I saw Jesus. I also our father, the creator of heaven and earth. Do you hear me?

“I died on November 16, 2006. I wasn’t sick. I was in good health. I died, went to heaven, and saw the Holy Spirit. I saw God and Jesus.

“I saw a lot of other people that went to heaven. I saw grandfather Ibrahim. I saw Enock and many others. And the men who conquered the world a long time ago. They were in Ibrahim’s palace. In heaven.

“They weren’t in the heaven where God stays. So, you may be in heaven but when you’ve not yet reached where God lives.

“So, I can tell you there are many heavens. It’s not one heaven. [She said she went to four heavens.] Then the rest is just a sky that stretches to infinity. It’s the same thing when you look at the earth. In heaven, where God lives, the sky is as big as what you see here on earth. It’s the same experience in all the other heavens. Ibrahim is in the third heaven.

“Everyone who has died since Jesus was resurrected, goes to the heaven where Ibrahim stays. Not in the heaven of God. Those who are not meant to go to heaven, go straight to hell… I saw a lot of things. But because of time, I won’t speak about them…”

She said she felt her head spinning before she died. Then she started seeing darkness. Then she saw herself split into two people.


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