VIDEO: Back together – Nina confirms reunion with Daddy Andre

If you ever see two people in love having disagreements no matter how severe they are, please stay out, These will always find a way of getting back together and you will look like a fool.

Well this seems the case with musicians Nina Roz and Daddy Andre, Nina while appearing on Galaxy FM’s Zzina BigBang confirmed that she’s back with the producer, singer and songwriter.

The Enyonta singer said that she has a new management and on top of that she’s working on new projects with Andre, This means that they are also trying to work on their relationship.

The two a few years ago saw their relationship hit an easy come easy go scenario, After dating for about 6 months, they decided to officialize their relationship.

It was however short-lived and didn’t even last close to a year but just about 8 months, They parted bitterly and resorted to different accusations against one another.

They even went through a court battle for the music they did together and none had kind words for the other.

It’s therefore a surprise to see that they are getting back together so soon, Well that’s love for you and reason to stay out of lover’s business.


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