Bobi Wine Lekera awo okwewaana mbu wasoma nyo  Just wafuna Diploma yoka – Jenkins Mukasa To Bobi Wine

Radio presenter and entertainment critic Jenkins Mukasa has attacked singer now politician Bobi Wine telling him to stop bragging about his education. Jenkins said it is just a diploma and not not something big to be bragged about all the time.

This happened after Bobi Wine made a press conference and started talking about his education and other achievements he has got as an artist and a politician.

Before Bobi Wine joined politics, he was among the most competitive Ugandan musicians. By then he was competing with Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleone calling themselves the three big artists in Uganda.

Five years ago, Bobi Wine was stopped from performing on any Ugandan platforms. With that restriction, he also stopped wasting his time going to record new music.

But recently, Bobi Wine released a new love song called ‘Nalumansi’. After a long wait, some people were not happy with the song saying its production was very poor.

According to Bobi Wine, the production shouldn’t matter at all. The lyrics and the message in the song should be the point because it’s the only important thing.

Bobi Wine said he doesn’t care about the competition, after all he is financially stable and more educated than other artists. Jenkins Mukasa wasn’t happy with Bobi Wine’s statement saying he shouldn’t brag about his education it is just a diploma and people have masters.

“Bobi Wine should stop bragging about his education it’s just a diploma, not even a degree. People have masters and they are just quiet,”he said.



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