Teddy Bugingo opens up on how Suzan Makula snatched Pastor Bugingo from her

Pastor Bugingo’s first wife Teddy Naluswa Bugingo has revealed all the secrets that led to the losing of her husband Pastor Aloysious Bugingo.

Bugingo and Teddy Naluswa were married for more than 20 years but it all came down to the ground in 2019, Their marriage ended in a blink of an eye and Pastor Bugingo immediately moved on with a new woman Suzan Makula.

Makula was a worker of Salt Media owned by Bugingo and the wife Teddy Naluswa. But no one knows they were having an affair not until she started insulting Namuswa on television.

According to Teddy, it is her daughter that came out and said they should approach her and when they did she reported them to Pastor Bugingo and that’s how the marriage ended.

Teddy said Makula knew everything and even when she told Bugingo that they chase her from the station he refused.

Struggling Teddy said she will never divorce pastor Bugingo because she doesn’t see any reason why she would do so.

She didn’t do anything bad in the marriage and Suzan Makula took away everything she has God will be able to reward her accordingly.


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