KARAMOJA IRON SHEETS SCANDAL: Finance Minister Amos Lugoloobi arrested

The State Minister for Finance and Planning Amos Lugoloobi has been arrested. Lugoloobi who is also the Member of Parliament for Ntenjeru North County is accused of misappropriating iron sheets meant for Karamoja relief.

According to sources, he is now detained by Kira Road Police, It is reported that Lugoloobi was one of the beneficiaries of the iron sheets meant for the Karamoja region, he however used the same to roof an animal shade at his farm in Kayunga.

His arrest, therefore, comes as a result of directives from President Museveni who called upon the line agencies to swing in action and arrest those culpable.

President Museveni also directed that those who took iron sheets should refund them in monetary value, while those found guilty of using them for personal gain will face political action.


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