Bruno K Isn’t A Real Man -Bebe Cool Stings Fellow artiste Bruno K

Singer Moses Ssali, also known as Bebe Cool, recently commented on the issue of fellow singer Bruno K’s neglect of his children.

Bruno K has been in the media for allegedly abandoning one of his children, who was reportedly born from a one-night stand almost three years ago.

It’s said that Bruno K has failed to provide financial support for the child’s needs, such as food and clothing.

Bruno K claims that he is uncertain about the child’s paternity and has requested a DNA test to determine the truth. He hopes to take custody of the child and provide proper care if it is proven to be his biological offspring.

Bebe Cool expressed his opinion that men should be responsible for their children, or they should take necessary precautions to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

 “Dear ladies, not every guy you see with dreads is a man. You should censor on who to have kids for,” Bebe Cool on Bruno K issues.

He also advised women to carefully choose their partners before engaging in sexual activity and to consider their children’s future when making decisions.

Bebe Cool emphasized that not all men are reliable and that women should be cautious in their relationships to avoid unnecessary difficulties.


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