Abaavu temuzungira Kumbagayange ne Sheilah mu Greece | Rickman On Wedding Sheilah Gashumba

Singer Rickman Manrick and media personality Sheilah Gashumba’s relationship has been making headlines lately. The couple has been dating for two years and is planning to tie the knot soon.

Rickman recently revealed that their dream wedding will be taking place in Greece, and only a few people will be invited. In fact, Rickman made it clear that attendees must have a valid passport to attend the ceremony.

The couple’s relationship has been a topic of controversy, especially with Sheilah’s father, Frank Gashumba, who has been vocal about his disapproval.

However, the couple is determined to make it work and is willing to take the risk of getting married despite the opposition.

During an interview on Galaxy FM to promote his new song with Anknown Prosper, Rickman shared his excitement about his upcoming nuptials. He couldn’t contain his joy as he talked about how content he was with his girlfriend and how much he was looking forward to marrying her.

“If you don’t have a passport, forget about attending my wedding with Sheilah C Gashumba, it’s happening soon in Greece,” – Rickman Manrick

Sheilah also recently broke the news about her plans to get married to Rickman during the launch of her new shop. She clarified that her father is just being protective like any other parent and would not allow her to date just anyone, even if it was the president’s son. “I love Rickman and we plan to get married,” Sheilah Gashumba said.

Despite the opposition from some quarters, Rickman and Sheilah are determined to make their dream wedding a reality. They are not letting anything stand in their way and are looking forward to their special day in Greece.


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