Sudan fighting to affect Uganda’s economy-Ambassador says

Ambasador Deng on a local Television show warned that the fight in Sudan will not only affect the fighting countries but Uganda as well.

“Whatever affects South Sudan affects other East African countries indirectly. South Sudan will feel the pinch but also Uganda and other countries will feel it because if the process of earning hard currencies is affected then we are not going to be able to have the bargaining power to buy the product that is being currently imported into Sudan”. He explained.

He added that he and the Government are ensuring peace prevails, hence why South Sudan president salvar kiir is championing the secession.

In the past four years, there was a Juba peace agreement where all armed Sudan parties were in Juba and they discussed with the Sudan Government to reach the Juba peace agreement where South Sudan was the main guarantor.

“It is on that basis that we have to reach an agreement to ensure normalcy comes back to Sudan” he added.

It is estimated that about ahundred people have so far died and thousands injured in the four day fighting.


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Muwanga Deo

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