Kenyans react as Azziad Nasenya’s no-makeup photos go viral

Award-winning Kenyan TikToker Azziad Nasenya sparked mixed reactions among the online community after sharing her no-makeup photos.

On Tuesday, the actress used her social media pages to share the said photos and her fans couldn’t keep calm, A section gushed over her flawless skin, reminding her that she still looks beautiful even without makeup.

This is the first time the online community was getting a chance to size her face without makeup, Many commended her for being free and open to sharing her photos, even though she has been battling acne for some time. It’s evident from the photos shared that her acne is slowly going away.

She captioned the photos;“Created in His image and likeness,”. Here is a sneak peek of what Kenyans had to say in herdefense.


 Post Carlone: A dude with a cartoon Twitter trying to troll Azziad for posting her natural face is everything that’s wrong with the internet today.

 Bevalyne Kwamboka: Azziad ndio alipost hiyo picha kwa Socials zake. She has been fighting acne and definitely she is happy with the progress. Do you think those negative energy and comments will lower her self-esteem?

 McCreadie Andias:They just feel jealous co Azziad worked hard and transformed herself from being just a mere dancer to the most beautiful celebrity woman in Kenya with or without makeup. The lady is intelligent, beautiful, and Successful

 MSEE WA MAYAI™: Azziad used to be my crushie until I saw her man to man

 ICE BOY : Was that a good idea for Azziad to post her real face?

 Outis : But Azziad is still beautiful even without makeup, Idk what y’all are saying

Others took it a little bit too far, but it got nothing on her

Azziad Nasenya become an internet sensation back in 2018 after her video jamming on Femi One and Mejja’s song went viral.

Since then, she has never looked back. The KIMC student has become a darling to many accumulating a huge following on various social media platforms.


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