“Bambi Evelyn  Yambelelawo Nga silina kyenina” – Rema Namakula on Why She Treasures Her Friendship With Evelyn Namulondo

Songbird Rema Namakula has opened up on why her bond with the Ebonies actress Evelyne Namulondo is inseparable.

While still under Gagamel, Rema Namakula featured on Bebe Cool’s Cease & Sekkle blockbuster, a song that dominated Evelyne Namulondo’s playlist.

Despite being an ardent Firebase supporter, Namulondo was compelled to meet Rema Namakula, and her ambition was brought to life by a mutual friend Muwonge, who linked the two at Labonita backstage.

The pair had a good time together, exchanged contacts, and ever since they grew to become best friends.

Their friendship has, however, seen ups and downs, marked by harsh criticism. However, Namulondo and Rema acquired a thick skin, and none of the criticism prevented them from appreciating their friendship.

During an interview recently, Rema Namakula revealed that she is grateful that Evelyne Namulondo came into her life.

She acknowledged that while she served as Gagamel’s backup musician, Namulondo used to pay her bills in case she ran out of money.

Rema remarked that now that she has achieved social status, it is her obligation to return the favour, albeit she finds it perplexing when people fault Evelyne for constantly being in her presence.

The mother of two said it stings when people insult Evelyne Namulondo and call her names like “housemaid” whenever they see her carrying the singer’s babies questioning if her friends can’t help her where need be.


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