Woman’s casket gets stuck in middle of the road

Some locals were treated to some drama after a casket being transported got stuck in the middle of the road, A woman can be heard crying detailing how her mother has got stuck in the road.

She went ahead to cry and plead with everyone around to help them make their mother accept to go and they bury her.

Apparently, the mother had died and they were transporting her to the burial site, but in the middle of somewhere, the casket got stuck and they couldn’t move it.

It’s not clear on what made this to happen. People took to social media to comment about the incident, One said that apparently the dead are not dead. This is because her deceased father also refused to get buried.

At the time of burial, the casket got heavier and they could hardly move it. The spirit then possessed his sister, He told them that they should bury him in his new blanket so that he can go in peace.

And someone had stolen it. They had to look for it by all means in order to send him off peacefully.


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