Terrible! Police Breaks Silence On Isma Olaxes’ Shooting, Reveals Details

The Territorial Police at Kira Road is actively investigating a tragic shooting incident that occurred today at approximately 9:20 PM in Kyanja Central Zone.

Kampala Metropolitan Deputy Police Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire says the incident took place while Mr. Tusubilwa Ibrahim was traveling in his motor vehicle, registered under number UBK 213 D, with his driver, Mr. Waswa Mathias.

Preliminary reports indicate that an unidentified gunman armed with an SMG opened fire on the vehicle, resulting in the fatal shooting of Tusubilwa Ibrahim, who was seated in the passenger seat at the time of the attack.

“Our dedicated task teams are currently on the ground, working diligently to gather all available evidence and conduct thorough investigations into this heinous crime,” says Luke.

He adds that as a precautionary measure, the area has been cordoned off to ensure the safety of the public and to facilitate the ongoing investigation process.

“We assure the public that every effort is being made to bring the perpetrators to justice and provide answers to this senseless act of violence,” says Luke adding;

“We understand the concerns and anxieties arising from this incident. We urge residents to remain calm and cooperate with the authorities as we work towards resolving this case swiftly.”

“Our heartfelt condolences go out to the family and friends of Tusubilwa Ibrahim during this difficult time.”


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