Gravity Omutujju believes that Martha Mukisa is more talented than Kapa Cat

Rapper Gravity Omutujju has advised fellow singer Kapa Cat to stop talking ill of other singers especially those that are more talented than her. This is after the Tusimbudde singer was asked about Martha Mukisa’s recently concluded Sisaaga concert.

He said that Martha didn’t do badly especially owing to the stage where she is at. She will do better in the future because most musicians started just like her but didn’t give up citing themselves as an example.

Further, Gravity advised  Martha to ignore the naysayers like Kapa Cat. Musically speaking, Gravity said that Kapa Cat is nowhere near the Neteze singer.

Gravity branded the Dansolo singer as someone hustling in music just like him. But when it comes to talent, she can’t compete with Martha. The Black Entertainment Records singer is in the category of Rema.

“I think Martha got the fans that she deserves so far at her level. Sometimes you need to put up a situation and evaluate yourself so I’m sure one day she will get there. That’s how most of us started. She also shouldn’t listen to the critics but none of them musically is at her level.”

“Take an instance of Kapa Cat, I did a song with her but she’s not at Martha’s level. Kapa Cat with her songs is just like me trying to hustle and make ends meet. Martha, she can dine with the likes of Rema,” said Gravity Omutujju.

Furthermore, Gravity also commented about his position in the newly formed Uganda National Musicians Federation. He said that he joined the federation because he is confident about its objectives. Besides the person who invited him, Eddy Kenzo is a personal friend and he knows that the Big Talent boss is not greedy.



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