NTV journalist Patrick Mukasa, advises men to stay away from women under the age of 26.

N TV Luganda news anchor Patrick Mukasa has advised all financially struggling men to avoid dating women below the age of 26 years. According to him, it is one of the ways to relieve one’s stress.

He further advised all men who fall in this category to go for relatively older ladies than this age. This is because they are more understanding and resourceful.

He added that if you don’t have money, you should leave younger women for those who are financially stable. However, this doesn’t mean that these men should date sugar mummies.

“As a financially struggling man, another way to relieve you of stress is to avoid dating a woman below 26 years of age. Women above 26 become more resourceful and understanding.

Leave the young ones to those with money. Get me right, I am not saying that you date a sugar mummy,” tweeted Mukasa.

This is common knowledge that most young women going into their prime are so materialistic. Most of these have gold-digger tendencies.

And if you are dating them, they expect you to foot their bills. This is definitely going to make a young man stressed all the time in a bid to please them. Besides one can never develop financially since whatever they get, it falls into the claws of these gold diggers.


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