Woman Who Abandoned her sick Husband after 10 Years Says She Regretted, Returns after Months

Mukagatare Josiane said her husband, Jamal, fell ill shortly after their wedding, and his health deteriorated. A loving woman who has been married for 10 years to her ailing husband has recalled abandoning him.
“We had a good life before and looked forward to a more promising and bright but one year after we got married, my husband felt sick, and ever since that day, our life’s condition has been going from bad to worse, and as it stands it seems like there is no hope,” she told Afrimax English.
She tried her best to remain faithful to her husband, supporting him despite the criticism hurled at her because of her bedridden husband. Many encouraged her to leave the husband of their only child as he was slowly dying, and she should return to her family.
“I tried preserving, but a time came, and I abandoned him. He’d call me on the phone and tell me, ‘Please return my child. He’ll feed on what I eat.’ Later I returned home,” she noted.
The selfless lady said she would never leave her husband again, as she regretted her decision to leave in the first place.
Jamal had been bedridden for a decade after suffering a strange illness that damaged his brain, rendering him paralysed. His loving wife provided him with round-the-clock support as she is the only primary caregiver he has.
Jamal’s wife has shown remarkable dedication in ensuring that her husband receives the care and support he needs despite the financial difficulties and limited resources.  Mukagatare cannot leave her husband and do menial jobs as his condition requires support occasionally.


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