Pastor Bugembe asks Alien Skin for forgiveness on behalf of Pallaso

Pastor and singer Pastor Wilson Bugembe has asked fellow singer Alien Skin for forgiveness on behalf of Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso. Pallaso and Alien Skin drama has been going on for a week now. Alien was slapped thrice across the face last Monday by Pallaso for reasons that are not known.

The two are said to have never been friends nor enemies. They have never worked together and that’s why everyone was confused on hearing about the fight. Alien Skin didn’t fight back when slapped something that let fans think that maybe they were in sort of a stunt to promote Pallaso’s upcoming concert.

However all that was left unsolved because Alien Skin kept on denying everything. He said he was hurt by Pallaso’s beating and even promised to revenge once he gets a chance. Last week Pallaso apologized twice to Alien Skin but still he didn’t accept the apology. First Pallaso wrote on social media asking for forgiveness and even later did a press conference still to apologize.

Without any success, yesterday he turned to Pastor Bugembe requesting him to apologize to Alien Skin on his behalf. Bugembe did apologize but it looks like Alien Skin is far from forgiving Pallaso and is still considering a revenge.

Pallaso’s Love Fest concert is happening on 9th June at Lugogo Cricket Oval and Alien Skin has also put up his own concert on the same date. His is going to be at Freedom city and he has announced it few days towards the day. He hasn’t put in time and money like Pallaso did.

it is a competition to see who is going to do better. But on the side of Pallaso it is damaging because he has been looking forward to this concert and now someone has staged another on the same date. “We ask you, Alien Skin, please forgive us” – Pastor Pastor Wilson Bugembe asks for forgiveness on behalf of Pallaso.


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