Female Celebrities Surviving On Leg: These Women Have A Special Name In Kampala’s Street Jargon, They Are Called, “Abaakolamu”…

They are stylish, superior, admirably smart, elegant, and respectable. They are impeccably well-groomed and often walk with their head held high.

As they strut to their expensive cars, keys in hand and hair swaying in all directions, the average Ugandan cannot help but gawk. These women have a special name in Kampala’s street jargon.  They are called, “Abaakolamu”, which denotes individuals who have figured out life’s hurdles.

You see those elegant and classy young women cruising expensive cars, sleeping in posh houses, and going on vacations, you cannot help but think that for them, life is one big party. Or is it?

Behind the brand endorsements and the expensive lives, they live on social media, there is one hidden secret. Most of them quietly engage in the world’s oldest profession- Prostitution (throwing a leg) to make ends meet. the East African team brings you the list of female celebrities getting laid for luxury.

Women used to think that socialite Prima Kardashi is living off her Lusaniya and bleaching creams until when her ex Geosteady dared to reveal the real business she does every time she goes to Dubai and Malaysia. It is alleged that sometimes while in those places, she survives on leg. She never came out to admit or deny. The secret was out of the bag.

Spice Diana inspires many young girls when they see her cruising her Red Range Rover. They think all she has, she gets from not being a regular artist. Fine, she has the gigs but are they enough to furnish her lavish lifestyle? Highly improbable. When she was pictured tightly hugging East Africa’s number one in-law, Diamond Platnumz, we thought we had figured out her source of wealth. Both parties denied the affair. That said, she is on the speed dial of many rich men in town.

Diana Nabatanzi’s genesis of wealth is linked to business Tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa. Her acting career was not paying enough and her BBS Terefayina job could not start her even a second-hand clothes’ boutique. With her seductive eyes and flawless skin, she melted Lwasa’s heart and loins and blindly handed over most of his wealth to her.

He anticipated a next generation of brown beautiful kids with Diana, but it appears she tactfully refused to conceive for him. He unleashed a salvo of insults but she never responded. She had what she wanted. – Money. She has even found a younger man.

Florence Nampijja’s good life has always been linked to one of the top officials in Buganda. He tops up the little money she gets from acting in Aromatic series and BBS TV salary. Chosen Blood recently came out and revealed that Winnie Nwagi’s funder is threatening his life.

Nwagi has a “baby” that she has kept from the public. The only time she mentioned him was at her fire baby concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval. A close source revealed to Top Secrets Nwagi was spotted with faded musician Liane enjoying a pompous life and drinking expensive liquor.

Former STV presenter Fifi Parker has been living in Maldives since early this year and her source of money is allegedly linked to loaded men.

Lydia Jazmine was last year rumored to be quitting music for a man who was funding her career. She deleted all her social media pictures and decided to rebrand after they allegedly fell out. The man is South Sudanese.

Zahara Totto is one of the media personalities that smell and follows money from any corner. She once fell for a not-presentable guy Don Solomon because of money. She crawled back to the arms of her man Reuben who is also fairly wealthy.

NTV’s Etania Mutoni is also linked to the Malaysia and Dubai girls. Besides the trips, Netanya has always been eating from manager Jeff Kiwanuka’s pockets.

What sparked the breakup between Singer Vivian Tendo and her former manager Yesse Omanyi Rafiki was that she had allegedly hooked a rich South African man and he had become responsible for funding her lavish lifestyle. Vivian is currently engaged but says if it doesn’t work out, she will move on.

Deputy Lord Mayor’s current financial status has been linked to men like Micheal Kabaziguruka’s brother and some of her seniors at Kampala Capital City Authority. It is rumored that Doreen Nyanjura has managed to buy herself a big farm in her home village.

Ever since DJ Lynda Ddane became popular for her job slots at NTV, her beauty was put on flat screens for every capable man to try his luck. If Lynda is not presenting on NTV or playing her DJ role, she is chilling in Cape Town.

It has always been alleged that single travel girlfriends are living luxuriously courtesy of loaded men. Rumor has it that each of them has a sponsor refilling all the money they spend on trips in Thailand, Washington DC, Ghana, Nigeria, The Seychelles among others.


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