“I drank a lot of alcohol when I was pregnant, which is why my son was born with defects” – Suzan Makula confesses.

Pastor Aloysious Bugingos’s wife Susan Makula Nantaba has opened up and confessed how she drank so much beer when she was pregnant to an extent of almost deforming her son’s face. Even days after delivery she drunk 4 cans of beer.

Speaking out during her Salt TV Show, Makula narrated the experience she went through that she even never wanted to give birth. Makula said she drank too much because she was under so much stress at the time.

She, however, noted that some of the side effects have been treated and the son is okay. “The moment the doctor saw him he asked me, did you drink alcohol when you were pregnant?”said Makula.

“I told him I didn’t drink a little, I had a blast with it… I was at a point where I had given up… I drank to the extent that even when I had just given birth they brought me four cans of Castle Lager.”

Watch her speak out below:

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