The Shocking Amount Abtex Paid To Alien Skin For Sitya Danger Concert

This Friday, June 9, Patrick Mulwana aka Alien Skin will hold his maiden concert at Freedom City dubbed ‘Sitya Danger’ Concert. Alien Skin had no plans of staging a concert until when Pallaso beat him up for lack of respect.

Critics made claims that Pallaso was looking for talkability of his ‘Love Fest’ show slated to take place at Cricket Oval on Friday, June 9th.

As Pallaso thumped Alien Skin, the Sitya Danger hitmaker did not fight back. He gained sympathy from the public and later said that on a normal day, the ‘Malamu’ singer cannot beat him.

The media switched attention to Alien Skin for interviews. Abtex seized an opportunity, talked to Alien Skin management, and decided to hold a concert on the same day as Pallaso’s.

This did not go well with Events promoter and Uganda Promoters Association vice president Balaam Barugahara who has sent almost 6 months advertising Pallaso’s concert.

He accused Uganda Promoters Association president, Abtex of sabotage. He revealed that they started an association with an aim of ending rivalry among promoters who used to organise concerts on the same dates.

Balaam said he was shocked to learn that Abtex decided to rival him. He also made claims that Abtex paid Alien Skin’s manager Ugx1,350,000 to hold the concert.

Balaam predicted that Abtex will suffer huge loss arguing that the same venue where he took the concert, is the same venue where 20 people died of a stampede during new years’ celebrations. Abtex is the one who had organized the concert.


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