I’m Not Here To Look For News Like The Kadamas – Prossy Mayanja Tells Media

Prossy Mayanja the mother to the famous Mayanja brothers, Chameleone, Weasel and Pallaso has told the media she is not hungry for news. She said she is not among the Kadamas (Those that move to Arab countries to hustle) who are always hungry for fame.

Pallaso’s mother made this statement in one of the interviews during her son’s concluded concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

Prossy Mayanja wasn’t happy with how the media was portraying her son Pallaso after he slapped a fellow singer Alien Skin.

She said the media took sides leaving Pallaso on the bad side yet he is not a violent person. According to her, the son is very peaceful and slapping Alien Skin must have come from very deep.

Pallaso’s mother said the media didn’t even ask why Alien Skin was beaten because he is personally a violent person.

He beat up a bouncer and removed his teeth, he also slapped Kayz. She revealed that no one even talked about that, they just concluded that Pallaso is the bad one.

She said she is not doing interviews to look for news because for the years her sons have been in the music industry, the media has always looked for her. At her age, Pallaso’s mother said she is far from being hungry to be on television or radio stations.

“I’m not here to look for news like the Kadamas. Whatever I am saying I mean it it’s from my heart. My son Pallaso is not a violent person. It’s just the media was against him,” – Pallaso’s Mum.


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