Naye basajjamwe aba NUP Stop being so forgetful- Pallaso tells NUP supporters

Musician Pallaso is apparently not happy with People Power fans amd has decided to take his frustration upon them. This is after he was choppee off from the Purple Party show in London.

It should be noted that the singer was slated to perform at the Douglas Lwanga organized svow at the Royal Regency Hotel tomorrow alongside Alien Skin, David Lutalo, Azawi and Mikie Wine.

However, Alien Skin put up a situation and refused to go saying that he couldn’t share the same stage as Pallaso who beat him up. As a result, Pallaso was sacrificed for thr Sitya Danger singer. However, the Bareke Abo singer is not happy at all.

And he believes that all this is being instigated by NUP fans who he branded as so forgetful. He pointed out that a time when musicians became so political taking sides, he remained neutral.

The only time he got political was when Bobi Wine was arrested in Arua and he released a song for him. However, it’s such a pity that these NUP supporters are the ones leading the charge to have him canceled.


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