OOOH NOO!! Jennifer Full Figure involved in a Nasty Car Crash

Singer-turned-presidential advisor Jennifer “Full Figure” Nakangubi has survived a car crash that almost claimed her life.

Full Figure got involved in an accident as she was heading to Kikandwa in Mityana district to attend a friend’s burial.

The driver of the car in which they were traveling (a Toyota Noah, Black in color with registration plate UBA 956J) lost control and ended up hitting a roadside trench.

Luckily, Full Figure and her colleagues with whom she was traveling did not sustain any serious injuries according to the reports that we have managed to get.

Full Figure has since taken to her socials and thanked God for the gift of life and another chance to live.

Just survived death on my way to a friend’s burial the whole car has demolished.

Full Figure

Upon hitting the roadside trench, a police patrol came through and took the artist and her friends to the final destination that they were headed to for at the burial.


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