Kisoro Man faces life imprisonment over Brutal Murder of his wife

The High Court sitting in Kisoro district presided over by the Kabale High Court Resident Judge; Justice Samuel Emokor on Tuesday, June 27th, 2023 convicted Gad Niyinzima, 56-year-old man, a resident of Gatwe Cell in Bunagana town council over the murder.

Justice Samuel Emokor heard from Prosecution that Niyonzima killed her wife Nyiransekuye Pophia on 2nd January 2020 by cutting her head using a garden hoe.

While giving his defense on 21st June 2023, Niyonzoma denied the accusations against him saying that he only remembers being attacked in his house by assailants. He also noted that he could have accidentally cut her wife while defending his family from the assailants.

However, Resident Judge Justice Emokor Samuel said that according to the evidence, the court finds Niyonzima guilty of killing her wife against section 188 and 189 of the penal code act.

The state prosecutor prayed to the court that the convict be sentenced to life so that he can stay away from the community for others to learn from his unlawful act.

The Convict’s lawyer, Nabasa Rodgers pleaded to the court to be lenient while punishing his client because he can offer assistance to any society member, and that he also has a family and children to take care of.

Resident Judge, Hon. Justice Emokor remanded the convict until 3rd July this year when he will appear before the same court for judgment.


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