HOOO!! Daddy Andre and Nina Roz’s OKWEPICHA video released

Despite Nina Roz and Daddy Andre downplaying the fact that they are only together for music business, it seems otherwise.

The couple seem to still be having feelings for each other. It should be noted that the singer’s were the face of headlines a few years ago aftet their short lived marriage.

They resorted to bashing and attacking each other continuously through the media. Nina Roz even vowed never to go back to Andre.

This stance however seems to have softened a while ago. They are already back together and working on quite a number of projects.

One can tell that there is chemistry between them. Nina while speaking about this said that she learnt her fate share of exposing her private life to the media.

And now she’s set to keep it under the wraps. The two recently were on a video shoot and someone inserted Gravity’s Okwepicha sing in it and it seems like it’s what they are doing.


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