Muyimbi Munange yandoga nenziba amaaso mu 2026 | Carol Nantongo Spills More Bitter Secrets

Former Golden Band singer Carol Nantongo says she has been bewitched severally by fellow artists but one time a fellow female artist bewitched her and lost her voice for a couple of months.

With songs like BittafutafuOliwaOntuukaNyiga WanoNakusiima, etc Carol Nantonog is one of the most talented female artists in Uganda.

Carol Nantongo Recounts When Stecia Mayanja Ordered Her to Leave the Stage

Nantongo says that her quick rise to music success did not please many of her colleagues and some resorted to bewitching her.

“Way back, I had a song titled ‘Kamese Tambula’. It was such a big song. I used to get so much praise for it but it seems to have angered some people. My success was quite instant, I didn’t suffer a lot at my start so my success did not please many people,” Nantongo said during an interview with Mr. Henrie.

She claims to have bewitched until she fell ill, started stammering, lost her voice, and it took several visits to churches, mosques, and eventually shrines for her to be healed.

“One day, I was at a show and just started feeling dizzy. I thought it was just a headache because we had performed in many places that week. But after performing, I left stage not feeling my best. Hilderman returned me back o Kampala and I stayed with my friend.

I started developing constant headache, body pains, and that went on for a week. I then started stammering and stopped talking completely. I couldn’t sing. That went on for a couple of days as we thought it would go. I even reached a point when I couldn’t stand up.

My boss KT Events stopped me from talking about this. It happened for months and we went to churches, we went to mosques, but it all didn’t work. I lost so much weight.

Singer Kazibwe Kapo came and he suggested that we try traditional ways. He also suggested that we call my father and when he came, he spoke some things that I do not remember well. I blacked out until the next day. My father took us to a shrine, we spent a couple of days there. That is where I regained my voice and I’ve never had a similar challenge to date.” Carol Nantongo

She says that whoever did it was a female artist and that her name has been suggested by several of her close friends including the traditional healer who healed her.

She also claims to have been bewitched by other people and all because of music. Watch Nantongo narrate her ordeal:


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