OLEMWA!! Winnie Nwagi awutudde omuwagizi omulala empi

It seems Winnie Nwagi and revellers who come for her concerts will have to brace up for the hard storm coming ahead. The singer has seen herself all over the news for assaulting her fans.

She however contends that these are ill-mannered. On top of wanting to you her inappropriately, they also want to record her in the same way.

And this is nothing she’s ready to accept. If they can’t just enjoy her music minus making such moves, she will then put them where they belong.

A fan saw his phone vanish into thin air after the Malaika singer hit it away from his hands as he recorded while she performed. This fan was tempted to record Nwagi’s sumbie lips that protruded in her small patra shorts.

Meanwhile, she gave her usual lecture of how she’s not a Malaya and won’t accept such behaviors.

On top of that the other fans enabled her behavior and it seems a rough time is coming ahead for either parties.


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